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Saturday, August 25, 2007


5 Things That Piss Me Off About (most) Modern Action Movies

  1. "Bullet Time" used in the big fight scene.
  2. Shots so tight, you have no idea what's going on in the scene.
  3. Hackers dressed stereotypically: black clothes, knit cap on head, sarcastic smirk.
  4. Computers that say crap like, 'access granted' in a clear woman's voice.
  5. Gratuitous product placement (yeah, I'm looking at you "Blade Trinity")


5 Things That Suck About Labor Day

  1. After this weekend, it's hot enough to go swimming, and all the pools will be closed.
  2. That sinking feeling you get that school is less than 72 hours away.
  3. The pressure you feel trying to shoehorn an entire summer's worth of fun into a 3-day weekend.
  4. It'll still be hot out and you can't wear shorts and flip-flops
  5. It's the "unofficial" start of Fall... sigh...

Friday, August 10, 2007


5 Things No Longer On McDonald's Menu That I Miss

  1. The McRib (that's a gimmie, though)
  2. The McDLT
  3. The Arch Deluxe (bacon AND dijon mustard, what a combo!)
  4. The Double Big Mac (when you're really, really hungry!)
  5. The McLean Deluxe (I don't miss the dry, flavorless burger, though...)


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