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Friday, December 28, 2007


5 (Still More) Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Me

  1. I don't own a pair of jeans.
  2. My round-trip commute averages around 120 miles.
  3. The furthest west I've been has been Western New York.
  4. I've beta tested lots of software, but the only place my name appears is in the credits for Now Up-To-Date & Contact 4.
  5. I took the Pepsi Challenge and picked Coke.


5 Songs With Sick Bass Lines

  1. Thom Yorke "Black Swan"
  2. Chic "Le Freak"
  3. Rufus & Chaka Khan "Dance Wit Me"
  4. Nu Shooz "I Can't Wait"
  5. Queen "Another One Bites The Dust"

Sunday, December 09, 2007


5 Songs Tell Me That Christmas Has Officially Begun

  1. Paul McCartney "Wonderful Christmastime"
  2. Band Aid "Do They Know It's Christmas?"
  3. Boston Pops Orchestra "Sleigh Ride"
  4. The Carpenters "The Christmas Waltz"
  5. Vince Guaraldi Trio "Christmastime Is Here (vocal)"

Thursday, December 06, 2007


5 Things On Chrissie Hynde's TODO.txt file (according to "Brass In Pocket (I'm Special)")

  1. Use my arms
  2. Use my legs
  3. Use my style
  4. Use my sidestep
  5. Use my, my, my imagination


5 Things On Steve Miller's TODO.txt file (according to "Fly Like An Eagle")

  1. Feed the babies, who don't have enough to eat.
  2. Shoe the children, with no shoes on their feet.
  3. House the people, livin' on the street.
  4. Fly like an eagle, to the sea.
  5. Fly like an eagle, let my spirit carry me.

Monday, December 03, 2007


5 Gangs That Would Not Do Too Well In Prison

  1. Bazooka Joe and his Gang
  2. Our Gang from The Little Rascals
  3. The Jets (not the football team)
  4. The Sharks (not the hockey team)
  5. The gang in this Afterschool special:


5 Things On The Internet I'm 100% Sure My Dad Has Never Heard Of

  1. The "I Kiss You" guy.
  2. Chuck Norris facts.
  3. Star Wars Kid.
  4. Leeroy "Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerooooooooooy" Jenkins 
  5. Peanut Butter Jelly Time


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