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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


5 People I Thought Were Straight, But Aren't

  1. Cesar Romero
  2. Neil Patrick Harris
  3. Richard Chamberlain
  4. Miss Cleo
  5. Cat Cora from “Iron Chef America”
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I didn't know about Cesar Romero or Cat Cora from Iron Chef America. I think Richard Chamberlain had a somewhat publicized coming out as did Cleo (though hers was mixed in with her law problems). And Neil Patrick Harris...well...I knew even before he did. I knew when he did that feel-good movie with Whoopi Goldberg.

Now, for my own list? It's more like 5 people who I know are gay, but will never come out:

1. Tom Cruise
2. George Clooney
3. Barbara Bush (mom)
4. Janet Reno (or is she out already?)
5. Eric McCormack
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