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Saturday, October 11, 2008


5 Reasons I'm Not Voting McCain / Palin (whether they're true or not!)

  1. Dude looks like he cool keel over any second now. Should they have a second-string candidate?
  2. McCain has one 'Nam flashback, and he's pressing the red button. Who knows where those ICBMs are headed? Goodbye, Baltimore!
  3. Palin's whole MILF factor makes me uncomfortable. It's like voting for Angelina Jolie...
  4. It kind of negates the whole "Obama is the Messiah" thing that's going on. Everyone likes a happy ending.
  5. Al Gore invented the internet; didn't become president.  McCain invented the Blackberry! -- See where I'm going with this? Inventors have no time for puny stuff like presidency...

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